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Utsuro-bune (うつろ舟 ‘hollow ship’?), also Utsuro-fune and Urobune, is the term for a mysterious object that is said to have washed ashore in 1803 on the northern coast of Japan. The legend is told in a book called Hyōryū kishū (漂流紀集 ‘diary and stories of the castaways’?), composed during the Edo period. Modern UFO-believers consider […]

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Arecibo Observatory


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International UFO Museum

This museum holds the answers to many questions.

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Burlington County Prison

Designed by Robert Mills, it was one of his first efforts as an independent architect. This crowning achievement was open for business as the Burlington County Prison in 1811. Robert Mills, one of America ‘s first native-born, trained architects, came up with a well-thought out plan, which spared this prison what other prisons experienced; fire, […]

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Amityville Horror House



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